Letter from ICCI/St. Ethelburga’s/Corrymeela Community Workshop Participant

Dear Ron & ICCI, Helen, Susan and Justine, and all the participants,

Thank you for hosting 2 days of new ideas, friendships and fresh conversations. It was a pleasure to be part of this circle of practitioners who are considering and practicing transforming conflict in our different parts of the world.

After our time together, I was inspired to explore this field of “conflict transformation” which is new for me, and to begin to see the threads between this and my own work of “systemic transformation” of our food and finance systems. I attach a PDF of the systemic food work I’m involved in… in my search, I discovered some truly powerful “transformative” work connecting co-existence work with theatre and performance, initiated from our Ron’s alma mater in the US! (I attached the links below)

Our time together was the beginning of a new inquiry for me and the question I am leaving with is “what we can learn from our respective fields and places in the world that can help shift the intractable issues we are in?” – and what i can bring back to my systemic work from what you all are doing, and vise versa.

So thank you for catalysing this in me and I’m looking forward to meeting you all again,


This is an extraordinary trailer to a documentary that brings these communities together and the transformative power of telling and witnessing one’s own stories:

And this is the link to the Creative Resources for Coexistence and Reconciliation. It is a virtual resource center for artists, cultural workers, coexistence practitioners, peacebuilding scholars, students, and all who are interested in how the arts and cultural traditions can be crafted to bridge differences, mediate conflicts and contribute to peace. It is designed to share learning generated through our hands-on research initiative Creative Approaches to Coexistence and Reconciliation.

Vanessa Reid is a facilitator for innovation, social change, and systematic transformation. She recently participated in a special workshop on “Dialogue in the Midst of Conflict – Reflective Training for Facilitators“, a collaboration between ICCI, St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation in London, and Northern Ireland’s Corrymeela Community.