Reflections on Ramadan: Haneen Mgadlh

Ramadan Karem.

For me this is one great opportunity to share with everyone what this great holy month means. For Muslims, and maybe for everyone.

Ramadan is one of the religious festivals of the Islamic community that is widely celebrated all over the world.

Why it is Important:
Fasting during Ramadan is one of the five most basic beliefs or acts that a Muslim is supposed to do. Fasting in Islam is considered to be a means of practicing self-control. It is also considered to be a way of experiencing what hunger is all about, sympathizing with the poor and the needy, and thanking god for everything you have received in life.

The Muslims believe that fasting will enable them to feel for those who get very little to eat daily.

To connect better with their inner selves, strengthen their faith and become closer to God.

To appreciate God for every single happiness and achievement they’ve had in their lives.

Ramadan will teach them good manners and good speech.

They believe that charity during this festive occasion will actually make them more generous and develop a sense of goodwill in them.

They feel that family gatherings during Ramadan will help strengthen their bonding with their friends and family.

The concept of fasting is not to starve but to take oneself to a spiritual level where one fully devotes himself to god. It has been proved that during fasting, the body develops immunity and gets rid of the toxins that have earlier accumulated.

Fasting during Ramadan helps the Muslims develop the spirit of sacrifice due to which they refrain from all natural desires on this earth. Although they may not think about the poor and downtrodden in everyday life, yet during fasting, they’ll learn to think about the less fortunate. Fasting also helps them get rid of overindulgence in life.

Fasting in Ramadan enables a Muslim to train his body and soul so as to develop self-restraint. It helps shape up the personality of a Muslim who is expected not to commit wrong during the remaining part of the year. Fasting is not just physical but the Muslims actually commit their body and soul to the spirit of fasting. They restrain every part of their body. For example, they restrain their tongue from backbiting or gossiping. They don’t touch anything that doesn’t belong to them. Their eyes don’t see anything that’s unlawful. The Muslims also avoid listening to obscene words during the Ramadan.

During Ramadan, Muslims are expected to make peace with their dear ones even though the latter may have wronged them. Muslims are expected to purify their minds during the month of Ramadan. Not only should they purify their thoughts, but also their words and actions.

I hope that people actually do that .

Best regards,

Haneen Mgadlh

Haneen is a young Palestinian Israeli woman from Baqa al-Gharbiyyah. She is a social worker and an activist promoting intercultural and interreligious dialogue and understanding. An alumna of ICCI’s youth and young adult programs, Haneen has recently joined the Executive Board of ICCI as an ad personam member.


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