“The Value of Light in Dark Moments”

Dr. Ron Kronish

Dr. Ron Kronish

“Last night, I participated in a solidarity visit to the home of Suhad Abu Zmiro, a wonderful young Israeli Arab woman, who was attacked by Jewish youngsters in early March in a hate crime attack in a Jewish

neighborhood of Jerusalem. This incident, which was widely publicized, led to much outrage among much of the mainstream Jewish population of Israel.

The visit was organized by a group of Jews from kibbutzim in the north of Israel in cooperation with Tag Meir (Hebrew for “Light Tag” or perhaps better translated as “Value of Light”), a broad coalition of 35 organizations, including my organization, the Interreligious Coordinating Council in Israel.

Since Hanukkah, the holiday of light, a year and a half ago, Tag Meir has been reacting immediately and with wide media exposure to all incidents of hate crimes in Israel, especially those committed under the slogan, Tag Mechir (Hebrew for “Price Tag,” which refers to the supposed “price” paid by those who oppose the settler Jewish nationalist right-wing ideology). These hate crimes have been perpetrated by Jewish people (none of whom have been arrested!), who have committed many incidents which demonstrate insidious anti-Arab hatred and anti-leftwing hatred. I have personally attended many of these Tag Meir/Value of Light demonstrations and was a speaker at one of them last year.”

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