We “Kickstart Peace” in France!

SAMSUNGOur Abu-Ghosh – Kiryat Yearim Kickstart Peace Soccer ball Team spent 6 days in France in the end of April following an Invitation received by French Students, who also hosted them in their houses and treated them as their own. The team attended several events with local youth and were met with warmness and hospitality by municipal officers in every city they visited.

The hosts were very impressed with the team’s story and by the cooperation visible between Arabs and Jewish youth in their interaction off the field, their conversations and their laughter. The team made us very proud, rising to the challenge and answering complex questions asked by the hosts.

Additionally, the team had the opportunity to participate in two soccer matches, in which they displayed excellent cooperation and unity on the field.

Although the oneness of the team was not felt at first, the journey to France surely made this team discover itself again and grow stronger together.

Earlier this month, the team received a visit from their number one fan Rabbi Mark Winer, President of FAITH (The Foundation for Interfaith Trust and Harmony),who was joined by his family and friends to give them an inspiring pep-talk before their trip. FAITH provides funding to make KICKSTART PEACE possible!

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