“Gestures of Peace from a Synagogue in Jerusalem”

“An interfaith meeting at the Kehillat Yedidya modern orthodox synagogue in Jerusalem gathered together young Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Rabbi Kronish and the apostolic nuncio in Israel, Mons. Lazzarotto, welcomed the participants.

“As many of you know, our here, especially in Jerusalem, we live separately. The Arabs do not have an occasion to meet the Israelis, and vice versa. We don’t have any real interaction in our daily lives.” This was voiced by Laura, a young Christian who lives in Jerusalem and studies at a Jewish university. Her words give prominence to the event held at the Kehillat Yedidya synagogue on the 30th April. The symposium entitled “Discovering the other’s humanity” was attended by youth from the 3 monotheistic religions. A good part of them belonged to the Youth for a United World, who were participating in the concluding event, “Be the Bridge”, of the Genfest.

The others were their fellow youth who live in the Holy Land. Lara continues her narration speaking of “an idea conceived by two young and ambitious women who wanted to better their lives and to give the youth a chance to meet up with each other, breaking away from stereotypes.” It was a challenge undertaken 6 years ago and still continues today. Every year the group is comprised of around twenty odd youth from the three religions: Jews, Christians, and Muslims, aged between 16-18 years.

As a youth, Lara participated in the first project as “an enthusiastic young girl who sees the bright side of the situation and dreams of an approaching united world”. The meetings are held twice a month: “We discover and explore the similarities and the differences among us”. The meetings deal with various topics in order to know one another: the family, values and upbringing in the different religions, etc …”

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